The word Harma is derived from the names of three loving siblings, Haris, Rohma and Halah. Harma signifies strong bond, and deep rooted values. It also means a fierce butterfly who knows how to fly high with no limitations.

Harma comes from a place of trust, love and passion, established at 3am of January 9th, 2018 by Maryam Ali, the mother of Haris, Rohma and Halah. Though it seems like few years, Harma has been crafted through hard work of generations of gold smiths and jewelers.


The art of creatively designing and making jewelry is a deep-rooted family business of Maryam’s ancestors. These deep-seated roots blossomed the vision which became Harma. Providing high quality jewelry for every occasion at an affordable price without compromising quality.


The first establishment in this long line was founded by Maryam’s grand father, Haji Sharif Ahmad, by the name of Sharif Goldsmith in 1952 in a small town in Pakistan. The business still operates in the same location to this day with a boutique operation in London, UK.

 Photo: Haji Sharif Ahmad with two of his sons at the shop.  circa 1977 Punjab, Pakistan.

Maryam’s grandfather comes from a long line of gold smiths who over generations honed the art of hand crafting Jewelry made of pure gold, silver and precious stones.

Photo: Hanif Ahmad Kamran (Maryam’s father) working in his goldsmith workshop).

With so much entrepreneurial experience and generational knowledge, providing excellence is engrained in Harma’s DNA.

Photo: Hanif Ahmad Kamran (Maryam’s father) in his jewelry shop in 1985.

Pure Gold jewelry is always in high demand however is extremely delicate, precious and comes with a host of challenges. Maintaining, storing and caring for gold and diamond jewelry not only comes with a hefty price tag but an equal amount of stress, time and costs. This is where Harma provides a more affordable and contemporary approach to a time-honored business model. With ever evolving styles, trends and the challenges associated with real gold and diamonds, we focus on high quality sterling silver and gold plated jewelry with simulated diamonds, cubic zirconia stones and genuine crystals.

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