Our Mission

Harma’s mission is to make high quality jewelry accessible at an affordable price! But our passion is supporting the educational needs of underprivileged girls in impoverished nations.       

“Education breeds confidence.
Confidence breeds hope.
Hope breeds peace.”
– Confucius

Access to education is a fundamental human right that we believe should be available to every child. Harma values this belief passionately and understands its importance.

As an immigrant, woman of color and a mother of 3, Maryam understands the value and importance of education in a child’s life and how it can open the door for a more rewarding and fulfilling life. Educating children is not only important for their personal development & character, but is also required to uplift a nation! As Nelson Mandela said:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Over the 2020 Holiday season, Harma donated 5% of its sales towards UNICEF Gift of Education program. Donations were made specifically towards their ‘Educate 2 Girls’ initiative.

Building on our passion we are continuing our initiative of donating a portion of sale proceeds to charities dedicated to child education.

So when you shop with Harma, know that a portion of your money is going towards a great cause!

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