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Our Story

Harma is the name of trust, love and passion. Passion to serve high quality jewelry to everyone for every occasion at an affordable price without compromising quality. Derived from the names of two loving siblings, Haris and Rohma, Harma signifies strong bond, and deep rooted values. It also means a fierce butterfly who knows how to fly high with no limitations. 

Harma was established at 3am of January 9th, 2018 by Maryam Ali, the mother of Haris and Rohma. Though it seems like a year,  Harma has been crafted through hard work of generations of gold smiths and jewelers. Continuous hard work and art of jewelry making is a deep-rooted family business of Maryam's ancestors that surfaced a new dream and a new name, Harma.

First establishment was by Maryam's grand father, Haji Sharif Ahmad, by the name of Sharif Goldsmith (now Sharif Jewelers in London, UK) in 1953 in a small town of Pakistan who migrated from a flood struck village of Syed Wala that destroyed previously established gold business. He was not the first one to work with pure gold and silver with bare hands in the family, it goes back to many generations unknown.

With so much entrepreneurial experience and knowledge of  jewelry making passed down generations, Harma is rich with resources to provide excellence. With the age of fashion, style and ever-evolving trends, Harma provides a more affordable and contemporary approach to their ancestors' business model. Instead of working with real gold and diamonds, we serve you high quality gold plated jewelry in simulated diamonds, cubic zirconia stones and genuine crystals. 




Three times gold plated, ensure durability 

and color longevity 

High Quality


Sterling Silver, Environmental Copper and Surgical Grade Stainless Steel as Base Metal

100% Hypoallergenic


All allergy needs are taken 

care of at Harma



What is the base metal and material of Harma jewelry?

Base metal used at Harma is environmentally friendly copper with tri-cotaed gold plating. Highly refined gold is used for plating. Currently, jewelry is available in 14k, 18K and 24K gold plating. 

All jewelry is highly hypoallergenic and tested. However, allergic reaction is still possible in rare cases such as open wounds, existing eczema or dermatitis. 

How should I care for Harma jewelry?

Since base metal is Environmental Copper, it is highly recommended not to use any silver polish or cleaning chemicals. It should be wiped clean with a dry cotton cloth every now and then for any sweat or water residue. Water does not change color. Harma jewlery is crafted carefully to ensure color longevity. It does not discolors or tarnishes unless comes in contact with any chemicals. It is advised to remove any jewelry before using cleaning or bleaching products. Some cosmetics contains strong bleaching agents, long-term contact with such cosmetics should be avoided. 

If taken care, Harma jewelry can lasts years. 

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